Galaxy Note 2 phone sketch

A bit of a more in depth go at Sketchpad on the Galaxy Note 2.  This is my dog Poppy. Advertisements

Picture books self publishing project

The Odious Tale of Hulla Balloo and Them Strange Things are available on Lulu. Published through Lulu which is a great service, quality is acceptable and the process is good, but the customer service is outstanding.  This is an ongoing project to develop a suite of books, partly as a learning exercise in…

An illustration…

An illustration from a proposal last year that was developed in a different way.  Kinda fun.  He was developed after a brainstorm with a bunch of nine year olds.  They wanted him to have flapjack in his ears.

Original Storyhunters Imagery

Some original imagery for the very first Storyhunters stuff we did. Most of these ended up as flyers for the first show. These were all taken at the Louvre.  

more montage

I like these…     The woods one I posted before turned out better in the end.  Printed and framed on my bedroom wall now.  I feel a series coming on…    

Positive Dogs

Dogs are ultimately positive, they’re always ready for you.  Dog’s don’t ask whether the glass is half full they just drink the milk then go out and chase a  ball. Here’s some positive dogs for you.


still a bit Hockney inspired, but not supposed to be a straight montage (ie. the bits aren’t photo’d in order to match, just lots of photos from the same place). Not a bad experiment, but I think I needed loads more source photos to make this work – am thinking they’ll make nice high res…

new rolacosta canvas

Had this done in outline for ages and just picked it up and coloured it recently.  Don’t know how I’m feeling about these pics at the moment.  I kind of like them, but maybe think I’m just being lazy and avoiding trying to do something ‘good’. 🙂  I think RolaCosta is for fun though, so…

Down on the farm

Been holding off posting this until the campaign’s well and truly passed, but wanted to archive work done at Brass last summer for a certain well loved soft drink brand. More commercial stuff over on the YouTube channel

Comic App Format

Here’s a version of the 3D CONVOi episode done in Comic App format (.acv file).  Basically grab a comic reader on your smartphone, download this file – and enjoy. I don’t know how this works for iPods, so if you try it let me know – does Steve Jobs allow you to just go around…