Stereoscopic webcomic

Last July I posted the first issue of a webcomic I created called CONVOi

I’m pleased to be able to say that 25 weeks later the comic is still going and I’m really happy with the way it’s progressed.

Although this episode isn’t actually live at the time of writing I wanted to post the latest creation.  I recently went to a Screen Yorkshire conference at the Media Museum in Bradford called 3D In Your Face which took a look at the state of stereoscopic development in video games and films, particularly in relation to the launch of so many 3D TVs.  Inspired by this I decided to create a 3D episode of CONVOi as the comic’s visuals are all created using 3D software.

There’s a few results here.  First up is a YouTube test.  This uses YouTube’s specific 3D capabilities, meaning that you upload the left and right eye and YouTube sorts out the 3D.  This is great because it means the viewer gets the choice over the type of 3D rendering they want to produce – ie. if you watched it on your brand new Samsung 3D TV you could view it in polarized stereoscopy, not just anaglyph (the red / cyan glasses thing).

Below is the file as it is uploaded – you need to go on to YouTube to actually watch it in 3D – click the video to go there now:

After this I went straight off to create a webcomic episode in 3D.  This is rendered out using the anaglyph method, so red/cyan glasses only.  This was an interesting exercise in terms of what we’d seen at the conference because it got me thinking about how the 3D should be used to enhance the impact of the comic from an emotional point of view – not just make things pop out of the screen.

Immediately the characters are in an aggressive stand off (in the previous episode Greeble has told the other two robots how crap he thinks they are just before they all thought they were going to die by falling through a black hole – when they don’t die he’s immediately got to answer for his actions).

As Greeble is pulled up for his words he is thrown back on the Z-plane as he’s on the back foot.  In the final frame A1ix says he’s going to turn on the Ships AI, I wanted to heighten the ominous nature of what he was saying so took the shot from low down, having the robot tower over you.  The 3D really shows off this sense that something is towering above you.  So all in all great fun – go find those 3D specs and take a look:

Click the image to view full size:

You can read the CONVOi webcomic at


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