Webcomics are ace

Inspired by the adventures of DJ Bogtrotter author of (amongst other things) Milton’s Life and ‘make-happener’ of the marvellous Tuesday Sketch on Twitter, I thought I’d have a go at a web comic.  I always used to write comics for fanzines, initially for Bradford’s Stork magazine (maybe I’ll photocopy & post some of these) and then later for Special-K in Stirling.  The thing about writing comics, as far as I can see, is to just keep writing them.  The great thing about the deadline is you’ve got to do something so you’re forced into a creative corner that you’ve got to fight your way out of.

This could be my way of saying my webcomic currently is mildly amusing, but you’d better RSS it because occasionally I’m expecting flashes of brilliance, and possibly, at some point, moments of real clarity.


I went RolaCosta style and 3D (because it’s less time consuming, see – less drawing.  Is that too lazy?)

check it out:



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