storyhunters – LIVE!

We had a great first Storyhunters gig on the 15th October.  The advertising must have worked because we packed out the theatre at SEVEN arts in Chapel Allerton, Leeds.  The show is a mash up of storytelling, storytelling with guitar, video, music, story graffiti and general nonsense about quantum physics all rolled together in an hour and a half two man show.

I’d been interested in the storytelling stuff Joe Collins was doing, but also excited by things like Penguin’s We Tell Stories and especially in things like the use of semacode / qr to link real world locations with virtual world tales.  So, encouraging Joe (who doesn’t take much encouragement) we set out to create something different and the Storyhunters was born.  Essentially being a way we can mess about layering stories upon the world it has taken the form of story graffiti in the woods (putting up warning signs about fictitious, story based dangers), leaving fake photos in train stations and creating objects (like alien babies) which are left places for people to find.

The show kind of came later and its content fell out of a developed Storyhunters mythology.

It was a great success, so we’re looking to develop it – bigger, badder, better!  Here’s one of the agreed highlights of the night – the Fairy Dance…


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