Pictures on walls

I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve got hanging on my walls.  I mostly like to have original photos and pictures on my walls and I’m lucky enough to have talented friends who make pretty things and then give them to me.  🙂

The wide photo one is a bit difficult to see, but it’s made from close up photos of flowers.  I thought this one was interesting because it’s by Ellen Stewart, the daughter of the person who made the Brimham Rocks anniversary picture I posted.  Ellen’s a graphic designer based in Brighton.

The chaos butterfly is by Thea Mallett who writes the always inspiring Happen Upon Blog – it’s glazed clay.

The feathers are created by Sue Fawcett and is an etching made using acid to create the plate, Sue’s a really talented textile designer and artist.

Finally the goldfish are in my son’s room (and I realised I’ve posted them upside down) and are by Pateley Bridge artist and my sometimes squeezbox player Annie Cooper.


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