Castle Envy

Bamburgh Castle by Andrew Brown
Bamburgh Castle by Andrew Brown

I’m back to work after my holidays today.  I’ve just got back from a week in the north east, staying in Bamburgh.  As well as having some of the country’s best beaches this part of the world also boasts some fine castles such as the Norman castle at Bamburgh, a very cute castle (in comparison) on Lindesfarne Holy Island and the mighty Alnwick Castle which also boasts the impressive Alnwick Garden

Whilst visiting these places I appear to have developed a peculiar condition – ‘castle envy’.  I found myself wishing that I had been born Lord Wassname of Thingummy and spent my time wondering how most philanthropically to invest the squillions of pounds I’d inherited.  Check out the Garden particularly as a very modern project.

To paraphrase Neal Stephenson we’re all here because we’re descended from “Bad M*therf*ckers” who managed to claw and battle their way to survival over billions of years of ‘only the strongest survive’ laws.  Theoretically those whose families have power and money come from the baddest mf’s of them all, the majority of whom having gained their status through ancestral violence.

Maybe that’s why envy is a deadly sin, because greed breeds violence.


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