Anniversary present

It was my 10 year wedding anniversary this year and my wife Nicola gave me a great present.  One of her best friends (and half of the two people who are the reason we met in the first place) Ellen’s mother (Kate Stewart) is an artist who works with mixed media and does a lot with textiles.  She’s based in Bradford (which has a rich history in textiles).

Nicola commissioned her to make us this piece.  The scene is from Brimham rocks in Nidderdale (where we were married) and features poppies, which you don’t see alot at Brimham, but is a recurring flower in our relationship.  Thanks Nicola:

Brimham Rocks Picture
Brimham Rocks Picture

Brimham rocks is a 320 million year old natural sculture park of millstone grit and features some crazy natural formations.

Idol rock at Brimham
Idol rock at Brimham

For more information check out the Wikipedia page or the Brimham Rocks Website.

Here’s a few photos I took at Brimham back in 2003 (that’s my son Jay in the first picture) and here’s a panorama of the view over Nidderdale.


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