Modes of the mind

Modes of the mind indicate how people behave when they’re using the internet.  Here’s some modes:

•Information hunting (including reading & writing reviews) – research / work / homework – Focussed
•Transactional (including internet banking, paying your bills in your jammies etc..) – Focussed
•Exploring (News & Entertainment)
•Surfing, light gaming – Funseekers
•Communication – Often this is a background function
•Community & Participation – Enthusiast
•Creativity (including blogging) – Enthusiast
•Gamers – serious online gaming, MMORPGs, 2nd Life – Focussed
•Mobility (e.g. mapping) – mostly functional
•Piracy – Enthusiast / background function

Often users can switch modes within a single session – or even be in multiple modes at once, actively participating in communities whilst communicating with friends using MSN, whilst Information hunting (e.g. for free stuff or bargains)

Depending on the ‘mode’ the user is in they will be pre-disposed to greater or lesser interactivity.  But remember, people can switch modes and getting the user to get involved and interact with you can help perform the magical task of switching the user’s mode from surfing to exploring or gaming.


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  1. Thats pretty good information. Something that I have to take into account. What you have on the list, Information hunting could go hand in hand with Communication–to a point. For example on MySpace there are tons of music artist that want to “promote” ad “get the word out”.

    I’m going to keep this post in mind and look around the rest of your blog.

    Have a great day!

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