VR Story Masks

As part of a Storyhunters installation, we created these masks for Deer Shed festival. They’re backwards virtual reality, so instead of wearing them, the masks hang on the wall (or in this case obelisk) and you look through their eyes. Using Google Cardboard and a phone you then see into an animated 3D scene. All…

360 Animation

Early animation test of YouTube 360 – created using a 360 degree camera in 3DSMax and Vray.

VR Headset + projection

Tech test using Oculus and projection. I’m projecting what I can see through the headset, back on myself. Obviously it successfully makes me look like an idiot. ­čÖé

Raspberry Pi Water Music

This Raspberry Pi experiment uses Adafruit’s capacitive hat to allow input via a connected circuit. By touching the water you complete the circuit and trigger the sounds which were created in Cubase.

Crow Illustration

Crow illustration made freehand on Cintiq. Image shows full picture and detail.  


Here’s some music from earlier in the year.  

EL Paper

Playing with EL Paper in photo frame.┬á This stuff can be cut but I’m just using a circular panel behind an image inkjet printed on transparency paper.┬á It runs off a 9v battery.┬á Annoyingly though it does seem to like to emit a really high pitched whine. Mostly this stuff seems to get used for…

Picture books self publishing project

The Odious Tale of Hulla Balloo and Them Strange Things are available on Lulu. http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-j-brown/the-odious-tale-of-hulla-balloo/paperback/product-20529040.html http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-j-brown/them-strange-things/paperback/product-20529046.html Published through Lulu which is a great service, quality is acceptable and the process is good, but the customer service is outstanding. ┬áThis is an ongoing project to develop a suite of books, partly as a learning exercise in…

An illustration…

An illustration from a proposal last year that was developed in a different way.  Kinda fun.  He was developed after a brainstorm with a bunch of nine year olds.  They wanted him to have flapjack in his ears.

Original Storyhunters Imagery

Some original imagery for the very first Storyhunters stuff we did. Most of these ended up as flyers for the first show. These were all taken at the Louvre.